A Return to Voting Integrity

The blockchain-based voting system uses ‘s hybrid platform to record votes to Smart Ballots’ blockchain. Proof of the vote with no identifying factors is then decentralized to Bitcoin and Ethereum and a report is generated. Proof reports can be analyzed during and/or after the close of voting to show indisputable evidence that all votes are legitimate and haven’t been compromised. Proof of the vote is secured with tens of millions of dollars of security applied daily and about four billion dollars within a year.

Voting and Registration Blockchain

timeline of registrations, early votes, election day, polls closing, internal security audit, published results, published audit bundle

Digital Identity

Native Privacy Features

GDPR/CCPA Capable Decentralized Identity

Independently Verified Eligibility and Registration

Flexible Integration

  • Interoperability with legacy systems
  • Patented interoperability
  • Ease of integration with existing systems and hardware
  • Proven and patented scalability for mass use
  • Kiosk, web, mobile access

Auditability and Accountability

Independently Verifiable Voter Eligibility

Evaluation of voter registration by smart contract

Vote Verification

Every voter can independently verify that their vote was counted correctly

Independent Audit

The entire election process can be audited independently and safely

Next-gen Security

  • Vote transactions and proofs of eligibility are decentralized for measurable security
  • No identifying data is exposed
  • No results are exposed until polls close
  • Quantum-safe encryption for all data

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