About Smart Ballots

Smart Ballots is an advanced voting platform for use in local, state, federal, and corporate elections.  Our platform uses fundamental blockchain technology to provide indisputable evidence, immediately and historically, that results were not tampered with, and all rules were followed.

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Key Capabilities of the System


Secret Ballot

The Smart Ballots platform protects voter identity and registration to avoid voter intimidation while simultaneously providing auditable proof of voter eligibility.


Proof of Vote

The voter can independently prove that their own vote was counted and counted correctly.



The entire election including voter registration roll can be automatically and independently audited by anyone without exposure of personal voter information.


Ease of Integration

Provides simple integration with third-party hardware already in use or off-the-shelf hardware such as a laptop or tablet.

Smart Ballots

Current Problems with Elections and Voting

Many issues face the election process such as voter fraud, gaming, double votes, lackluster security, zero transparency, zero auditability, and much more.  All of these issues can be addressed with a simple Smart Ballots integration. Smart Ballots is a next generation election system powered by, America’s Hybrid Blockchain.

Powerful Security at the Core

Smart Ballots is powered by hybrid blockchain platform and uses quantum-safe technology to shield data from hackers who may try to alter or manipulate votes.  Proof of the vote, not the data itself, is decentralized and verified by multiple verification nodes.

Architecture makes the voting system fully and natively compliant with all PII regulations.  Because the personal data is separated from the proof, and only the proof is decentralized, sensitive data can be kept local, allowing for full GDPR/CCPA/HIPAA compliance.

Transparency for All

Thanks to Factor, Decentralized Identity platform solution, the actual vote can be disassociated from the voter.   Factor selectively exposes identity information necessary for the determination of eligibility such as age, citizenship, and residency location or voting district information.  Only the voter can see that their vote was recorded but anyone can independently verify that a vote, unattached to a specific voter is valid and was counted.

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